When It Started

Hey, guys! I’m Ashlee, I’m super new to blogging. I’ve always wanted to, but I never know where to start! I just have a lot of things I want to tell the world, and I’m sure my few Twitter followers don’t appreciate the stream-of-consciousness tweeting that keeps happening. Sorry, guys. I figured a blog would help me with that. I find writing blog posts to be a very daunting task. Normally, when I sit down to try to write this Very First Blog Post Ever, I can’t think of anything. All my ideas come to me when I’m driving or taking a shower.  I always have a lot of ideas, and I know what I want to say in them, but I have a really hard time putting them into words, so when I think of the words, I must IMMEDIATELY write the words, or they’ll be gone forever. So, I’m sitting in the middle of Psychology 110 class at UT, and writing my Very First Blog Post Ever. Seems appropriate. I’d rather do this than type the word “neurotransmitter” for what feels like the 50th time.

 I love the way things look. I love to decorate small spaces, and I pay huge amounts of attention to detail. I love what different patterns and colors look like next to each other. I like to do crafts, and I feel like I have an okay eye for fashion. I have such passion for the things that I do, but I have no idea how to channel them into a career. So I’m an ambiguous art major. Pinterest is a big creative outlet for me, and anyone can pretty much learn anything about me by looking there. I realize that no one pretty much knows about my little blog, but if you read it and enjoy it, feel free to leave me a comment! It makes me feel a little bit important.


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