Project 365 // Days 8 – 14

8:365 Work, then got tattooed! Birthday gift to myself.


9:365 Pretty successful day off with a sore arm. Shower, laundry, dishes. I’m a real adult! I hid from the mailman though, so maybe just almost. He brought the first part of my Urban Outfitters order. Got this dude for about $3.70.


10:365 Birthday dinner with my dad and stepmom. Ate my weight in Mexican food.


11:365 Lazy, rainy day. Picked up a fixer-upper table and chair set from my aunt and uncle’s house. I hope I can restore it to its former glory. Sad chair, sad floor.


12:365 Gloomy, rainy work day. I spent my night lounging in pajamas, working on some drawing, and catching up on some Bob’s Burgers while Alex watched football. How beautiful is this Anthropologie bag? Scored it for $10 at work!


13:365 Went thrifting with my mom, saw the saddest button, and scored an adorable pitcher and coffee mug for $1.25. I also got the second, and for some reason, third parts of my UO order. I get way excited waiting on things in the mail.





14:365 Family dinner for my uncle’s birthday at Outback. My first time there, so I had no idea they had such adorably tiny milkshakes!



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