Let’s Be Friends!

I realized that since I’ve been back on the blogging horse after my unintentional (but also kind of intentional) hiatus, I haven’t updated anyone on my life, goals, etc., and a lot has changed. So, here’s a numerical list of things about me!


1. I’m 20 years old, and I live with my boyfriend, Alex.

2. We currently live with my mom, because our house is undergoing some renovations.

3. We’ve got three cats of our own, Maxwell, Ringo, and Lulu-Belle, and my mom has four. It’s a furry nightmare.

4. I went to college for a year as an art major, and I hated all of it. College just isn’t for some people, you know?

5. I’ve recently been trying to get a tattooer’s apprenticeship with a local parlor, but yesterday I made the final decision to take my life in a direction right now.

6. I’m still really interested in learning to tattoo, I just don’t know if I could do it full time.

7. Right now, I want to continue blogging and open an Etsy or Big Cartel store selling vintage and other gently-used clothing and home items with Alex.

8. I work at a consignment shop, and would love to eventually blog and run my shop full time.

9. I would love to take a year, sometime soon, and travel the country in an RV with Alex and my kitties. I want to see all the crazy roadside attractions the U.S. has to offer! Do you think cats would get used to it?


10. I really want to start a cover band! Probably based on The White Stripes.

11. I hate to watch movies. I usually can’t sit still long enough!

12. I love to binge watch seasons of cartoons like American Dad and Bob’s Burgers while I work on blog posts and draw.

13. While I’m writing this, I’m eating Mac and Cheese and watching The Cleveland Show.

14. I’d like to eat better, and am pretty embarrassed about the amount of prepackaged and frozen food I eat. I keep putting off trying recipes until we move into our own house!

15. Mexican food is my favorite food.

16. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost nine years now, and I was vegan for one of them. I’ve started eating fish again within the last year.

17. I’ve recently had a rise in social anxiety, but I haven’t been clinically diagnosed.

18. I find it hard to talk to most people that I don’t know, and even more difficult to talk to ones I’m intimidated by (like someone in a position of power over something I want).

19. I’m a natural blonde, but my hair has been lavender for three months! I’ve been basically most of the rainbow.

20. I desperately want to wear cat-eye makeup, but I feel weird every time I try it.

21. I don’t follow a religion, but I think everyone should at least try to be a good person.


22. I’m a collector of coffee mugs, globes, vintage home decor, and dresses! I’d like to start collecting weather houses, keys, and cuckoo clocks.

23. I have seven tattoos, and I got the newest about three weeks ago. I can’t wait for more!

24. My favorite blogs are The Dainty Squid, A Beautiful Mess, BlissBranch, Skunkboy Creatures, and The Moptop.

25. I have no idea how to change the theme of my blog. Haha, I hate it! (update: I figured it out.)

26. I have body image issues. I usually don’t like my face in pictures, and I think I look bigger than I actually am.

27. I just started drinking coffee in the past few months. Right now, I can only drink Starbucks’s White Chocolate Mocha. Mmm.

28. I can’t get dressed without consulting Pinterest and several of my favorite Instagram accounts for inspiration.

29. I played four-mallet marimba in high school, and haven’t played an instrument since. But I recently bought a $10 piano, so we’ll see.

30. I graduated high school a semester early, 12th in my class. I took AP and honors classes, and then dropped out of college. Go figure.

This is what I had intended to be a full outfit post, but I didn’t end up with as many good photos as I would have liked. Oh, well.


What I’m wearing: Dress: Urban Outfitters, Tights & Cardigan: Target, Shoes: thrifted, Necklace: vintage, Tote Bag: Culture Flock Clothing

(You’ll have to forgive me, I still can’t figure out links.)


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