Project 365 // Days 31 – 39

31:365 Alex and I took a spontaneous burger date to Stock & Barrel. It was our first time there, and I really wanted to take a picture of our amazing food, but I was too embarrassed. Ha! These are sketches of how I want the rooms laid out when we move.


32:365 Can you say $10 electric piano?


33:365 My boyfriend is such a cutie, even though he never wears matching socks. The light in our current bedroom is terrible.


34:365 Late night Cleveland Show watching while Alex is asleep. I thought this was cool?


35:365 Found some more butt graffiti!


36:365 I spent an hour trying to take outfit pictures with a tripod and a self timer, and this was the only good photo to come of it.


37:365 Happy birthday to Caroline! You’ll always be my best friend, even with a cat/butterfly painted on your face.



38:365 Heart’s Dreamboat Annie record has a mushroom on it! Who knew? Not me.


39:365 Got a pretty package in the mail, and this kitty wants to open it.



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