On Accomplishing Goals

Late last night, after Alex had fallen asleep, I got pretty bored and was reading super old posts on The Dainty Squid‘s blog and kind of stream of consciousness tweeting. Because I couldn’t just keep watching Wentworth without him, no matter how badly I was tempted. I had a pretty good idea: why not turn those thoughts into something productive?

for the office

Think about it: if I’m having a bit of trouble thinking of things to write about, let my random, midnight thoughts be a prompt. Because, let’s face it, my life isn’t all that interesting right now. It’s kind of like a super long waiting game for my house to be ready and to move on with my life. I’m done with limbo. Purgatory.

hey yellow cat

Anyway, if feels good to get some ideas out of my head. I have a lot of thoughts about what I want to do with the majority of my life, but I never feel like any of those things matter to other people. And why shouldn’t they? It’s my blog, it’s about my life, I’ll write what I think is relevant, and these thoughts surely are. If you’re reading this, you at least kind of give a damn, right?

Criatipos Perhappiness

When I think about the future, and all the things I want to do, I get so excited. Like, can’t contain myself, have to tell everyone who will listen excited. I tell myself, “I’ll do that when I get to move, I’ll do that when I have the time.” What I’ve realized though, is that if I don’t stop making excuses or crazy conditions for myself, they’ll never happen. I think, “I’ll take these outfit photos when there’s someone here to help me, my hair is perfect, it’s not raining or cold, my face doesn’t look funny, I find a good spot to pose, I’m off of work, and pigs are flying.” I saw a thing on Pinterest earlier, it said, “There are seven days in a week, and someday isn’t one of them.” Thank you internet, for your inherent wisdom.

Enjoy the Little Things Inspirational 11 oz Quote Mug - 11 Main

Some of the things I’ve been so eager to do are pretty small and totally accomplish-able. (The internet tells me that “accomplishable” is not a word. You win again.)

1. Visit local cemeteries and attractions, take photos, and learn about something interesting that I didn’t know.

2. Take more outfit photos, and adventuring photos. I need to post one (set?) of each at least once a week, or something.

3. At least once a month, take day trips to neighboring, and not so neighboring, cities. Visit cool places, roadside attractions, and most important of all thrift.

4. Start shooting film. Start with a disposable camera, since I don’t have a film camera besides my Polaroid 600.

5. Go though my clothes and start thrifting for my online shop. Get at least a few listings up, buy packing materials, and try different “shop” websites (Big Cartel, Etsy, Storenvy, etc.). Find the best fit.

Great Outdoors print

There they are, five goals that are completely attainable (there’s the word I was looking for). Writing these things in a blog post, rather than just slapping them up on Twitter, makes them feel like a legitimate part of my life, rather than just a passing thought. Does anyone have any tips on making time and accomplishing goals? I’d love to hear them.

(Disclaimer: all images in this post are ones that I love or find to be inspiring and do not belong to me. All sources have been cited.)


2 thoughts on “On Accomplishing Goals

  1. I ALWAYS tell myself “I’ll do that when I have the time” or “in the future,” but I know what will happen when I say that.. absolutely nothing! When it comes to accomplishing goals, or really getting anything done, I love making lists. Then I take my lists and try break down each goal or task into even smaller, more manageable ones because it makes me feel great when I get to mark something off, even if it’s the tiniest little thing. This helps me feel like I’m making progress and keeps me motivated.

    I know some people like to write dates next to more long-term goals as a way of trying to keep on track, but I personally don’t do this because I know that life unexpectedly gets in the way sometimes, and I don’t want to end up feeling upset for not reaching my goal in time. For these types of goals, I like to update my lists with my progress, more so as a morale booster, but it helps!

    We actually have some pretty similar goals – especially #3! Good luck to ya 🙂

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