Valentine’s Day 2015

I’m very late on this, but I swear I’m working on that!

This year was Alex and my second Valentine’s Day together. Last year will forever be known as “The Time I Finally Gave Alex a Chance and Let Him Take Me on a Date, 2014.” This year, because it’s also kind of our one-year anniversary (!!!), we decided to keep with tradition and go to the Tomato Head, an awesome local restaurant, known for their in-house bakery, hummus, and pizza, just like we did last year.

It took forever to get a decent photo of us together! I keep running between us and my tripod like a crazy person, and the wind clearly was not helping.


I was festive, and channeling my inner Jack White.
I was festive, and channeling my inner Jack White.

I got off work that day around two, so I came home and he had the most wonderful gift waiting for me! It was a beautiful Mid-century Modern end table, with double doors with a woven overlay on the front, along with the sweetest handwritten note. I would be lying if I said I didn’t cry a little bit. I don’t have a photo of it, which I don’t really have an excuse for, but anyway. This thing is huge. I know it’s going to become a regular napping spot for the cats. It blew my gift (some boxers, t-shirts, a tie, and the rest of my coffee) out of the water.


Since I was home early from work, I convinced him into going to a local thrift store with me, solely for the purpose of getting this sad clown magnet. I had seen it last time I was there, and had to go back for it. I got him, a few more magnets, and a temporary tattoo painting kit, which is so neat (Also not pictured, I suck). I also found a set of bowls, similar to ones that Ellie and I had when we were younger, and I was tempted to get them, but they were a little too grungy for me. A photo will suffice!


At this point it was only about 3:30, but we decided to head on to dinner to beat the crowds. After that, we decided to call it an early night (because it was so damn windy!) and headed home.


We laid out all of our blankets and pillows in the floor and watched Bound By Flesh, the 2013 documentary on Siamese twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton, and a Nick Offerman stand-up. It was a nice, quiet Valentine’s Day, and I would love to do it all over again! The surest way to my heart is through Mid-century furniture, quirky magnets, and salmon pesto pizza.


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