Recent Thrift Finds #1

I don’t think I love anything more than finding treasures at local thrift stores, yard sales, and estate sales. That’s why I’ve decided to start a new series here to show you guys what I’ve found every week or two. They’re just too good to keep to myself!

I love thrift stores because they’re open year round, and usually every say, except Sunday. They’ve always got new things, no matter how often you go. Yard sales are pretty cool, but not my favorite. They only happen for a few months out of the year here in Tennessee, and I don’t know if it’s just me being a weirdo, but I feel really strange when I’m the only one there. The people running it just watch you the entire time. No, thanks. If it’s busy, or I see something completely worth the awkwardness, I’ll stop. Estate sales are definitely my favorite. Think yard sale prices, but you get the run of the entire house. YES. They’re even better on their closing day, when everything is usually half off.

These finds are from as far back as maybe a month ago, and as recent as last week. I’ll be sure to be more punctual next time!


I went to a thrift store with my mom about a month ago, and found the perfect mug to add to my collection. The best items of that particular day were the two life-sized ceramic cats I found! Sadly, not pictured, because I have already moved them to my other house, and I was not about to trek in the snow for them. I stopped everything I was doing and stood next to them until my mom was ready to go. I wasn’t going to let anyone take those kitties!

IMG_7033 IMG_7032

I went with my sweet friend Shelby a couple of weeks ago to a shop close to where we work, and found more coffee mugs. I never intended for this to be a collection, but when I realized it had become one, I ran with it. These and the duck one are all textured! They’re wonderful.


I have a thing for horses lately, I’m not sure why that is, but I couldn’t pass up this glass for 50 cents! The one with the yellow flowers, there are four of those pretties, also 50 cents a piece.


This is a mug, but one that would be used for soup! I got one with a hot air balloon at an antique shop a few months ago, and now I have a (non-matching) set!


These babies are from IKEA, but they’re too cute not to share. Two of each!


A duck (swan?) towel holder?!  Couldn’t say no. I have a problem.

Noodles needed to help.


This and the rest are from the same shop as the duck mug, but I’m going to keep exactly where to myself. This is a doorstop, and looks almost just like wooden wall hangings made by a local artist. I love them so much, but I can’t bring myself to pay $45 for one. This was $2. Win.


I went back to this shop specifically for this, and was so disappointed when I thought it was gone! I went back around when I was finished looking around, and was ecstatic to see that it had just been knocked over.


Someone clearly put a lot of work into this, and they were selling it for one dollar!


Duck cross-stitch. There’s not much else I can say about this, other than that the frame gave me a splinter! It’s beautiful (and tacky). Just the way I like it.

This post makes me seem like I have some kind of strange bird complex. I don’t!


Although I’m not religious, I still think churches, as structures, are pretty. Bonus: This baby lights up! I had also been looking at a little light up house online, but the listing was for the UK. The battery connections on the bottom look a little corroded, but I can just pop an electric tea light under the glass!


Someone donated their entire collection of state plates, but I grabbed this one (someone else had already gotten the Tennessee one) because Alex is such a big Ohio State fan. It even came with the wall hanger!


This little thing is my favorite piece from this trip! I was a bit skeptical that it would work, but it has no problem picking up AM stations. Now to work on the FM…

Thrifting is pretty much my favorite thing to do, so I’ll be sharing a lot of this! Hope you had a happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Recent Thrift Finds #1

  1. I love thrifting! You found some great finds. I love that soup mug. You would love my grandparents’ house. They have so many duck things! I think the lowest price I can find around here (Seattle) when thrifting is $2, and that’s rare.

    1. Thanks! That sounds awesome. I have a strange fascination with ducks lately! These are the best prices I’ve found in a while. The 50 cent pieces are just ones that aren’t marked otherwise, and they’ve inflated that price (it used to be 25 cents) when they moved locations! I’m mad about it, ha!

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