What I Wore: Stripes, Herringbone, and Horses

It snowed again! This snow is the best thing the cheer up those gloomy day sads. I am 100% PRO SNOW, I mean, if it has to be cold.



Alex had to go to work today, so I figured it was the perfect day to actually get something done, rather than watching Tosh.0, South Park, American Horror Story all day.



It was so difficult trying to decide what to wear for my first-ever real outfit post. I changed three times. It was also really hard to choose a name for this. I was very close to calling it Stripes, Steeds, and Herringbone.

This button is strategically covering a stain.
My nails remind me of kitty eyes a little bit!

All but one of these photos were taken by self-timer. I was running back and forth between that fence and my camera like a crazy person, and I packed the snow down behind my tripod so much that it was like ice, and I definitely fell a couple times. There was snow in my boots. It was surprisingly not super cold, so my hands didn’t go numb. Always a win. I think these turned out pretty well, despite the fence usually being in focus, rather than me.




Dress/Dear Creatures, Tights/Target, Socks/SockDreams, Boots/Thrifted, Ring/Flea Market, Cardigan/Urban Outfitters, Hat/Forever 21, Yellow Button/Shop Strangeways, Enamel Pin/Explorer’s Press, Bag and Wallet/IG Shops

I got this adorable camera bag, from an Instagram shop called @Cactusjunk, and the horse wallet (that has a strap) from another called @WitchySpirit. Although my camera won’t fit in this, it can be used as a cute structured purse! They’re run by the same sweet girl, and she combined shipping costs for me, which I think is pretty awesome.

I’m off to do some laundry and finish a sewing project! And wish for warmer weather. 



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