Recent Thrift Finds #2

Shortly after I posted my last thrift finds post, I went to a local Goodwill with my friend Erin, and I kind of racked up. All of the following items cost me a grand total of less than $10. A win, if I say so!

I walked around for a long time holding a beautiful floral dress. It was way too big for me, so I didn’t buy it. (I’m probably going to go back for it.) These things won out in the end!

This little kitty mug (circa 1980s) is plastic, so I’m not sure how I feel about drinking from it, but it sure will make a great pencil cup.


No one should ever underestimate my ability to find tons of coffee mugs that I don’t need at a thrift store. They always steal my heart, and I get them anyway. Who could resist those little owls or eagles?


Speaking of having a weakness for eagles… There are eight of those tall glasses, and three short ones. I had no intention of getting that many, but the lady working said if I bought the entire set it would be $3, which is cheaper than just buying the single ones I originally had, priced as marked. Um, okay. The paint is a little streaky on some of them, but hey, $3. It sort of bothers me that there are only three small glasses, but I decided that I’m going to pair them with some bluish-violet faceted glasses for my bar cart!


These, technically, aren’t thrift finds. I got them from an antique store. I’ve been wanting an ice bucket for my bar cart, and this one is in immaculate condition. That peach color with the beautiful Lucite handle just makes me swoon. I’ve been eyeing this coffee mug for a while, and as soon as I saw another blogger on my Instagram feed with it, I knew it was time to stop procrastinating. I’m glad I made that decision. I think it goes without saying that Alex is not allowed to use this particular mug.

IMG_7140 IMG_7141

You guys would never even believe the things I found after I took the photos for this post! It’s so tempting to share them now, but I think I’ll save them.



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