Snow Week 2015

Last week when winter was upon us, Alex and I braved the cold for more than five minutes to try and take some couple-y photos. It was pretty difficult, not because it was cold, but because the snow was in two distinct layers, and every time I touched my camera, my tripod would sink a little further into that frozen, white bullshit. There was a lot of screaming about it. Nevertheless, I’m pretty happy with the photos we ended up with!





We learned that Alex has really great aim…


Me, not so much.


After our frolic in the snow, we went inside, changed the sheets to some fresh out of the warm dryer, and watched season one of American Horror Story for the rest of the day. It was the best day.


Right now I am rejoicing in the fact that there is no snow on the ground. Wednesday the temperature almost reached the 70s, but Thursday we were back down to about 28, with a threat of snow. It flurried a little, but none stuck around. Thank goodness.



2 thoughts on “Snow Week 2015

  1. When you add photos to a blog post, you can click the photo and then click Large or X-Large to make the photos bigger and easier to see.

    That being said, these photos are super cute and that sounds like an awesome day. Season one of American Horror Story is my favorite season. I’ve watched it three times. And I love your mushroom sheets!

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