Thrift Finds #3

I really hit the jackpot recently you guys. These things range from 50 cents for the group or $35 for one, but they were oh, so worth it, and made up for each other.

I went back to our local Habitat for Humanity with my coworker and friend, Madalyn, and found too many things, as per usual. I went specifically for a set of Holly Hobbie glasses for my mom, and I was so excited to find them still there.


Although I only went for this gift for my mom, I knew it was impossible to leave with just that. Next on my list is this adorable rainbow-striped pitcher, that has a weird insulation thing in it.




When I found this pastel Mexican blanket, it was marked $10, and after some pondering, I had decided that it was worth it, but when I went to pay, the little elderly lady didn’t look at the tag, and just charged me stock blanket price, $2. The cat pillow was supposed to be $2, but ended up being $1. Am I a terrible person for not correcting them?



I also came out of there with a glass, sans handle, to match my other horse one, and two adorable green trashcans!



The next day was my day off from work, and I knew of a place in Clinton, about 40 minutes away, that may or may not still have a piece that I needed. I called them up, and the lady on the phone said she would hold the item for me, if she could find it. I never heard back from her, so my mom and I headed out there, and I tried not to get my hopes up. I walked around the strange store for a while, a bit  disappointed, but then I saw my porcelain beauty in the case up front. It ended up being $35, but we talked her down to $30, and my mom got me these two beautiful cameras. Thank you, mom!


This thing slowly spins and plays creepy music.
This thing slowly spins and plays creepy music.



I couldn’t really even tell you why I was so drawn to that little clown/princess thing, but as soon as I saw a picture of it, I knew I had to have it. It’ll be a good conversation starter, I bet.

A couple days later, I headed down to Goodwill, with the intent on getting that dress I said I was going back for. It was still there, but it was $10, so I’m going back again next week when it’s half off! I snagged this cute little lamp though.


My mom and I went out that next Saturday morning with intentions of going to a specific estate sale, which ended up being cancelled. I, however, didn’t realize it was, and navigated us to the wrong one. Score anyway, because I got all three of these exciting pieces, and the white bowl in the second photo, that just happens to match former estate sale finds, for a total of 50 cents. Yes.

I’m sensing a trip to Helen, Georgia in my future.


Disappointed that our initial sale had been cancelled, we stopped by a fairly new thrift store in the area, and I found two more coffee mugs that called my name.


All super exciting! There’s not one thing that I’m not completely thrilled about in this post (or any of them, for that matter).

These aren’t thrifted, but I did get this package from UO on the same day, and they’re too good not to include.




All completely necessary sale purchases.

It’ll probably be a while before the next Thrift Finds posts, and for good reason!



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