Clinton Camping Trip

Maybe I should say “attempted” camping trip..

Alex and I had a Saturday off together, and it was suggested that I take it easy, considering I was in the ER for several hours the night before. It was a beautiful day, and we didn’t want to waste it inside, so we packed up some things and headed up to his mom and her fiance’s house in Clinton. The plan was to go fishing with his uncle Don, and then camp next to the river.



It started out well, we made it up there by 5:30, after stopping by the grocery store to grab some hot dogs and chips (and a salmon fillet, because Alex was dead set on eating fish, whether he caught any or not). We were down by the river by 6:30. We got set up, Alex and I just hung out and took some photos, while Don worked on a fire. The way these guys fish is weird, they lay out several rods, seven this time, and just let them sit there until something happens. Sounds pretty boring to me. Anyway, we all eventually moved up from the dock to the fire, and roasted some hot dogs (and veggie dogs for me), and hung around up there until it got really dark. A while later, Don went to check on the fishing poles, and found that three were missing! Some hungry fish apparently took the opportunity to get those worms while we were gone, and took the rods with them. Lesson learned.






It got super cold by the water after the sun went down, and we had pretty much decided that it was too cold to camp down there. After lots of sitting and coaxing Don to go back up the road to the house, we trudged back up the hill, tons of blankets, fishing poles, supplies, and a chair in our arms. Alex and I ended up back at his mom’s house, cooking our salmon at about midnight, and sleeping in the spare bedroom.

Sorry for the terrible quality photo, but there was some crazy fog going on, and I had to show you guys!
Sorry for the terrible quality photo, but there was some crazy fog going on, and I had to show you guys!



It was a pretty relaxing trip, all except for carrying all that crap up a steep hill! It feels good to just do nothing sometimes.



3 thoughts on “Clinton Camping Trip

  1. Oh man, the ER is never a fun place to be. I hope everything is okay! And that is a strange way to fish. Some people where I grew up would have maybe four fishing poles at a time, but they have special pole holders so fish can’t steal them while you’re not looking.

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