What I Wore: See ya, Lavender!









Dress & Cardigan/Target, Belt/Borrowed, Hat/Forever 21, Pin/Explorer’s Press, Tights/JCPenney, Ring, Boots, & Camera/Vintage

I’ve been feeling like I needed a change in my hair for a while, but couldn’t makeup my mind as to what I wanted. I took some inspiration from Karsyn Dupree, and bought an Ion Semi-Permanent in Shark Blue. Before I colored my hair, I realized I didn’t have any developer, because of course I didn’t. I headed back to the beauty supply store and grabbed some, and also, thinking that the Shark Blue was a little bit too close to Lavender, got the same brand in Sky Blue. I mixed to two together,  threw it on over my faded lavender, left it for about an hour, and voila! I feel like blue hair opens me up to wear some colors I felt weird in before, like pink. Pink clothes and lavender hair make me uncomfortably close to looking like a fairy princess, and I would rather not! I have a feeling that this will fade really nicely!

All photos are thanks to my wonderful friend, Erin!

Hope everyone is having an excellent Monday,



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