Thrift Finds #4

My mom and I went to estate sales every weekend for about a month, and it has been awesome! All of these things, except one, were from the same sale, and cost no more than $10 altogether.

This calendar has sliding pieces and the capability to go up to the year 2099. Seriously. The little birdie also does something (he has a place for batteries), but it’s a little corroded, so I’ll have to clean that.



I also go, in addition to these linens (and spoon rest and tiny ashtray), a fleece blanket with a deer on it (!!) and a beautiful pastel floral quilt. Think Liberty of London.



The hand mixer cost $2 and matches the big item I got here… a refrigerator! It gets so cold that it froze an entire gallon of milk. We’re still working out the bugs. Those little cuties are magnets.


We went to a second sale this day, where everything was either over priced or sold, but I couldn’t leave without this smirking guy. He was very out of place in that house!


There’s more to come!



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