Thrift Finds #5

Hey guys! Remember that last thrift post where I mentioned buying a refrigerator? Well, the same day we went to pick up our little green refrigerator from the last estate sale (which was, wow, almost two months ago), we trekked out to Rutledge, TN to another. Everything I brought home from this one was horrifically filthy, because this sale was in a barn.

The first thing to grab my attention was this horse figurine. If you just glace, they sort of look like Siamese twins. Cool! The little Avon pagoda caught my eye as we were leaving. I ran back in after shrieking, “Alex, give me a dollar!” and snatched it up. I’m a sucker for those.


This sale had a massive collection of salt and pepper shakers. I showed great restraint and picked these three. I’m going to have to lock the unicorn ones away so my sister doesn’t steal them!


There was also a collection of souvenir plates and I picked out the best ones. For size reference, the Opryland one is about the size of my hand.



IMG_7385There was no way I was leaving without that Wyoming one, with it having a jackalope on it!

As a side note, I’ve been collecting things like this to furnish and decorate the house that we had been working on, but we’ve since discovered that it’s not going to work out. The apartment we’re saving up application/move-in fees for is a 350 sq. ft. studio, so I’m going to have to pare down what I’m going to use in that space! My friend Erin and I have started packing a lot of my things back up, and I finally got a count on my collection of coffee mugs — 56. Eep! I’m a serious collector (with eight globes, eight souvenir plates, a bunch of awesome wall art, seven vintage cameras, a curio cabinet, multiple wall shelves, and a plethora of knick-knacks) so finding efficient but still creative ways to store/display these with the limited wall and cabinet space is going to be a challenge! I hope it won’t be too much longer until I can show you guys my ideas.

Hope everyone’s having a happy Monday!



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