Project 365 // Days 107 – 127

107:365 I went shopping for craft supplies by myself and got distracted by how amazing this ice cream bank at Target is. I think I need it!


108:365 “Mama, you locked me in the closet!”


109:365 I found some adorable mushrooms in my yard, and found a sweet kitty napping on my just finished embroidery project.



110:365 Got to visit my favorite Puerto Rican, and got a bang trim.


111:365 Alex and I went to his oldest childhood friend’s wedding. Fun fact: weddings make me cry, even though I’ve only met the groom twice and the bride never.

IMG_1468 IMG_1469

112:365 We stayed the night at Alex’s mom’s and I got to hang out with Alex’s sweet niece, Abbey. Sorry for the low-quality photo! It’s a low-light, front facing Snapchat photo.


113:365 I made a kickass lemon meringue pie and spinach dip for a party! I was super surprised to have leftovers.


114:365 Embroidering the day away.. Coming soon to Etsy!


115:365 I blogged about this cute flower pot makeover! And Rachel from The Crafted Life commented!! I had to fangirl for a minute.


116:365 Stocked up on some washi tape at an Office Max store closing sale.


117:365 Some cute for your Friday!


118:365 The only way to get Alex out of bed at a decent time on Saturday is to make him breakfast.


119:365 I recently bought an Instax Mini camera from my friend Caroline, and this is the result of the expired film. Pretty cool, I think!

120:365 I blogged about thrift finds! I can’t resist a cute souvenir plate.


121:365 Took outfit pictures, thanks to my friend Erin, after a couple hours of sweating at the gym! Post coming soon.


122:365 Cricket helped me clean a table while I painted some more flower pots (also coming soon to Etsy).


123:365 Went to the opening Thursday of an estate sale in Oak Ridge where I SCORED. They had some pretty interesting things.

IMG_1545 IMG_1546

Cabbage Patch… Cat?

124:365 Alex, that sweet boy, surprised me with a date to Tupelo Honey. So good!


125:365 We toured another apartment, but sadly, no pets. ): Then we trekked out to Clinton to an Antique Fair, where they had this awesome trash can! $10 was too much for how dented it was, though. Also, I’d be lying if I said we didn’t go back to that estate sale on 25% off day!

IMG_1539 IMG_1540

126:365 After sleeping over at Alex’s mom’s (our usual weekend ritual), she and her fiance took us out for breakfast, and we went back, yet again, to the estate sale. Half off prices, and two amazing pieces I had kept my eye on! I hung out while Alex fished that evening in a cute new spot.

IMG_7640 IMG_7651 IMG_7642

127:365 I dropped off some of my prints with a sweet friend, April, who has a booth at a local vintage shop! You should check out her Etsy shop! When Alex got off work, we went night bowling with Erin.


This was almost a month in photos! To be totally honest, I may not do another Project 365 after this one, because I am just so darn bad at keeping up with it! I think I’ll just do a weekly round-up of daily life snapshots instead. (:

Hope everyone has a nice Cinco de Mayo! We totally forgot and had burritos for dinner yesterday!



2 thoughts on “Project 365 // Days 107 – 127

  1. It looks like you had a great month. Your dress matches your hair so perfectly from when you went to the wedding. I love it. You’re like one of those characters on a TV show who has an amazing wardrobe and I just spend the whole series saying how much I want every single one of their outfits. Weird compliment but it’s true. And the Cabbage Patch Cat is very interesting. I love love love the embroidery, especially the you’re a gem one in your shop. Sharing it everywhere.

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