Small Space Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the possibility of moving in to a very small space, 325 sq. ft. to be exact. It’s going to be a big challenge to store and get rid of things that I can’t use anymore, so I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite inspiration photos from Pinterest (you can find me here) and share them.

This wall makes me feel better about the amount of things I hang on the wall. The difference here, is that most of mine are vintage needlepoint and scientific posters, but I would love to hang some of my patches and pennants! Not to mention this multi-functioning living room. It’s a must.

(via Krochet Kids)

This is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m always to intimidated to use copper pipe for anything, but I love the way it looks. There’s no better way to amp up your bathroom, I think.

Wire Basket Towel Rack
(via A Joyful Riot)

I’ve already gotten the okay from the apartment managers to hang things, even big things like bicycles, on the wall to make this place feel like home. It gets it off the floor, and it helps that it looks so freaking cool. The chair and cabinet aren’t hurting my feelings either. I also love the way Kaylah of The Dainty Squid stored her bike in her new apartment.

Letting Go Without Regret: A Tip for Giving Up Things You Don't Need (But Might Miss)
(via Apartment Therapy)

Since Alex and I are planning to get a loft bed, we better make it feel like its own space, just in case living in one room makes us crazy! I feel like a photo wall (and adorable kitty) will help with that.

(via Pinterest)

Aside from the awesome multi-functioning room, what grabbed my attention in this apartment was the long wall shelf. It allows for decorating and storage, and also keeping breakable things away from hyperactive kitties. I’m thinking of extending a shelf like this into above my bed, so I have somewhere to put my glasses and phone at night.

Studio Visit: MARK | Miss Moss
(via Miss Moss)

A side table and display case together?! Dream come true. It also comes in a coffee table! I may try my hand at building one of these, because I know a guy who makes hairpin legs!

Love that table!
(via Urban Outfitters)

I made one of these for our old apartment and loved it. This time, I’ll have to make another, much bigger one. My mug collection has grown a lot in the past year, clocking at at 56.

Hmm now to find a place for this... I could clear up lots of space in my cabinet
(via Her Campus)

Speaking of hanging kitchen storage, I love this little kitchen in Rachel Denbow’s former house. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have my pretty dishes on display than my food boxes. Let’s free up some cabinet space!

hang extra pots and pans
(via Smile and Wave)

My love for Rachel’s home doesn’t stop there. This lady sure knows how to make a room function for multiple activities. I love almost everything about this room.

Living Room and Dining Space
(via Smile and Wave)

I’ve been lusting over this storage basket ladder for about a year now. It’s perfect for art supplies, but I’m feeling it for socks and tights!

(via Urban Outfitters)

With the amount of things that will be in this room, I think it would be best to keep any art I hang on the walls light, by using things like washi tape, binder clips, and pants hangers. Plus, I won’t have to deal with finding frames! I also love a coffee table with a shelf, for remotes and books and things.

(via Urban Outfitters)
wallhanger 3
(via The Lovely Drawer)
(via A Beautiful Mess)

The link above is to an older post by A Beautiful Mess that is super helpful for keeping a small space livable. I reference it all the time!

I’m off to finish some laundry and do some paintings! Have a great Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Small Space Inspiration

  1. Speaking as someone who lives in a small space, I have to say that putting everything you can on the walls and having multi-functional furniture are absolute musts. Luckily the room I’m in already had a mantle over the fireplace that is really wide and perfect for storing lots of jewelry supplies and necklace bars and fragile things. And I managed to get a coffee table with a shelf under it for free last year from my neighbors, which has seriously saved this room. And the coffee table doubles as a dining table. It’s a seriously small room. Also the sort of shelves that are cubes or units or whatever that you can stack up are really great. We also managed to get a TV console with tons of shelf space under it from the previous tenants. Basically shelves are number one. I really want to have a loft bed someday but in my room now the radiator is attached to the wall above the bed so it wouldn’t work out. I would definitely want to have those stairs that are also drawers leading up to the loft bed though.

    Your inspiration photos are super inspiring. I am all about that basket ladder. Putting it on my wishlist right now! And I know that you’d make a small space look amazing. You are the thrifting/estate sale queen.

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