What’s in My Bag?

I wrote a “Inside My Bag” post and saved it as a draft a couple months ago, and when I went to write this one, I read over it. Man, things are completely different. It’s funny how many things can change without you realizing.

IMG_7713IMG_7714 IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7721 IMG_7722 IMG_7723

Starting from the top, left to right: pencil sharpener, measuring tape, wallet (Urban Outfitters, forever ago), notebook (Target), iPhone (case by A Beautiful Mess), teal felt tip pen, Cat Butt coin purse (a gift from my friend, Andy), flash drive, binderclip, lighter, empty coin purse (Aerie, years ago), key ring of shop cards, green apple Chapstick, EOS hand lotion and two lip balms, five lighters, empty macaron trinket box (Urban Outifitters), and my Canon remote control.

That last photo is from inside my wallet, which also contains a plethora of junk. A pile of receipts, most recently from the Home Depot and Target, unsurprisingly, a Troll card (came with a Cultureflock order), Cultureflock business card, JCPenney employee discount card (I haven’t worked there in about a year), an empty UO merchandise credit (it’s so orange, I can’t get rid of it), an old Body Graffix business card, my friend Caroline’s business card from the Aveda Institute (she graduate a looong time ago), a MetroCard from my 2011 trip to New York, a newer Body Graffix business card, and my friends and family discount card from Aveda (expired long ago).

I probably carry a few things that are totally unnecessary, like three different lip balms, an empty coin purse, and a whopping six lighters (I don’t even smoke!) and all those useless cards. But, they’re things I like to keep on hand, just in case. I have my camera remote even when I don’t have my camera, and I have a pencil sharpener and measuring tape, because I surprise myself at how often I need those things and don’t have them. That little notebook goes everywhere with me, and as you can see, a few of the pages have had to be reinforced with tape. Those things come out so easily! I go through phases of writing with certain pens, so you can see where I switched from orange to pink, and then to teal. And where I’ve also made puddles of nail polish for polka dots! That notebook is my life, you guys.

This post is a look into my personal life, and all the little things I carry with me on a daily basis. I’m glad I got to share it!



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