Thrift Finds #6

This was one of the best. Estate sales. Ever. It seems like lately most of them just have junk for too high prices, but this one was great pieces for so cheap! Everything here was mostly 25 to 50 cents. My highest priced items were a $2 fruit basket, a $2 camera, and a $3 chair!

I happened to pick this up first, and put everything else I found (mostly assorted kitchen things and linens) in it as I walked. Innovation for the win!


I almost left without this adorable trashcan. So glad I rethought it.


Owl buddies! One was in plain sight on a mantle, and the other one I found digging through a box of empty frames.


25 cent horse painting? Okay! And a little ashtray for the boyfriend.


I have a coffee mug that matches this spatula, and I’m a sucker for kitchen glassware.


This little green trough-like thing I got because I thought it would be perfect for EOS lip balms or favorite/frequently used nail polishes. It’s got weird green foam/paint inside, but it’ll come out easy!


I’ve been getting really lucky on the search for affordable vintage cameras! Not to mention pillow cases and planters.



We went to another sale this day, one of those aforementioned crappy ones. There were print outs of a pair of eyes typed to the wall in each room. Weird. I got two kitchen towels and these little pinwheel magnets, and the sneaky ladybug magnet from a few photos up.


After the second sale, I got in the car and realized that I couldn’t find my phone! I checked all my pockets and my bag, and finally opened the car door to find it on the ground, screen shattered. I did a really good job keeping it intact until this point (almost two years!), but this fall finally got it. Damn those unreliable dress pockets! I’ve since gotten the iPhone 6, which I love.

Found any treasures lately?



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