Secluded Fishing Spot

Over the past month or so, it’s kind of been our ritual to go up to Clinton so that Alex can go fishing. It’s never super exciting for me, because fishing is so boring, but a couple of weeks ago we found a new spot. It’s super secluded, except for the old man across the river who would not stop staring at us, and it has a porch swing! I must be a grandmother at heart, because there’s not a lot I love more than porch swings.


Alex insisted on having some photos of me having a weird hair day, because he thought I looked cool with my hood up, and I had to show off this week’s nails.

What I’m wearing: Dress: Dear Creatures, c/o my sister, Tights: Target (a few months ago), Shoes: Rack Room (two years ago), Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters (a year ago), Pins: a gift from my sister and Strangeways.
IMG_7643 IMG_7644

Alex got some new lures and a knife earlier that day at a great estate sale, and has already lost two of those three lures to hungry fish. IMG_7651 IMG_7652 IMG_7653 IMG_7654 IMG_7655 IMG_7656

The fishing dock and swing are down what feels like a hundred stairs, and above it is this little sitting area. I can’t help but think that it would be a great place to have a little party, if it were cleaned up. We’re not sure who it belongs to, because it’s pretty far away from the house it’s behind, and it takes a bit of a walk through some thick woods to get to. Also, I don’t know whose owl lights those are, but I need to know where they came from, because I love them.

Found any new favorite spots lately?



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