Thrift Finds 7

A couple of weeks ago, my mom, her friend Marie, and I went to a massive estate sale in Oak Ridge. This particular one started on a Thursday and ran to Sunday, and I went to three of the four days. I racked up so many treasures that I’m going to split the photos into the three different days! There were so many things in this house that, honestly, I don’t even understand how a person could live there. It makes for a pretty great estate sale, though.

Day 1

I’ve been on the lookout for so long for little squirrels and skunks. Still looking for deers!


This person had a pretty big collection of patches and pins! They must have been a big advocate for gay rights and safe sex. I thought the Quickie one was just a crude joke at first, but I’ve since realized that it’s a brand of wheelchair. Ha.IMG_7607IMG_7608

This person also had a sizable collection of the 1982 World’s Fair memorabilia, which gave Knoxville its beloved and iconic Sunsphere.IMG_7610

When I saw the online photos of this sale, what immediately caught my attention was the globes. I went expecting for them all to be snatched up, but was pleasantly surprised to see that only one was missing, so I nabbed all of them, except for one on a stand and one that was freestanding, without a base at all.IMG_7612IMG_7613IMG_7614

Who could say no to coasters as cute as these?IMG_7615

This weird thing I found rifling through a box of 50 cent items. It seems to be a pencil holder, and has tiny gold quarters floating in it. I wish the plastic was a bit clearer!IMG_7616IMG_7617

I didn’t keep this little guy, but he’s super cute. I gave him to my sister, who has a pretty impressive salt and pepper shaker collection. The guy had two of these, because you always need two squirrel s+p shaker holders, right?IMG_7619

I thought I was done with the house by this point, but as I was doing my last once-over, I saw this beautiful thing laying precariously on the arm of a couch. I almost lost my shit. I paid a whopping $6 for this beauty, after scouring eBay for similar ones for months. They usually go for anywhere between $30 and $70. Win. This one doesn’t have its key, so its not usable, but I’m alright with that. It would probably scare me!IMG_7620

Almost my favorite thing about estate sales is finding a big ole stack of linens that no one wants anymore. I love mismatch!

Day 2

I skipped Friday of this sale, and went back with Alex on Saturday. He grabbed a fishing rod and reel, and some new baits.

I eyeballed this sultry-looking pig the whole first day, and I was pleased to see him still there! And 25% off! I also now have another rainbow mug to match my other one, and have paid a whole 75 cents for both of them.IMG_7632

I couldn’t resist this little tray and these two ring holders. I have a kitty one that matches the swan, and I also think there’a a giraffe in the series. The mouse works great for washi tape, since I don’t have very many rings. I hope I can get that green spot off! Anyone have any tips?IMG_7633 IMG_7634 IMG_7636 IMG_7638

Day 3

Sunday was 50% off! I grabbed these few items, in addition to the two remaining globes that I left behind on the first day.


Always adding to my mismatched dinnerware. This is a really shallow bowl.IMG_7659 IMG_7662 IMG_7661

The people who lived in this Oak Ridge house must have been serious collectors. There were over 300 fishing rods and accessories (seriously), a collection of little glass shoes, wooden shoes, wall art like the one above (nature pressed in glass), globes, over 30 clocks, duck figures, chicken figures, swan figures, tiny metal pencil sharpeners, pocket knives, and boxes and boxes of books. This weekend, there was even a second estate sale at that house. I went again, and came out with a few goodies that I’ll be sharing here soon! I can’t help but wonder how they lived around all that, and if they were considered hoarders. At least it worked in someone’s favor!



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