Back to Normal

Happy Monday!

The last couple of weeks have been completely crazy. Alex and I have been using all of our free time getting our new apartment in order. We’re still kind of living out of boxes, and we can’t find a few important things, like our vacuum and our pots, pans, and bowls! I’ve also been working a new job and making pretty frequent trips back to Knoxville, which is why I’ve been so absent here lately! Don’t get me started on Project 365.. Phew.



We had our housewarming party this past Saturday, and it went super well! Special thanks to Erin for all her preparation help, and our guests for lots of fun and some thoughtful gifts!


Yesterday was our first rest day in a few weeks, and it was much appreciated. We slept late, ate party leftovers for breakfast, and finally finished Season 3 of Orange is the New Black. Alex’s mom and her fiance came by and had a look around the apartment, and we talked about our upcoming trip to Ohio! We’re beyond excited. A little while later, we headed over to the river so Alex could go fishing. By the way, how cute is this little castle?! It’s at a house next to the river, and I need one.


IMG_1992 IMG_1996 IMG_1991 IMG_1994



I’ve really missed my camera over the past few weeks (I misplaced the charger in the move). I snapped a few photos and made a new embroidery in the shade while Alex had his fun. Later, we made a trip back into the main part of town and had great Mexican food, and made a stop by Target, where I got the cutest scissors in existence, and a great new way to display my growing pin collection!

IMG_2003 IMG_2007

After our trip this weekend, my goal is to establish a regular blogging schedule, and make some updates to my Etsy shop! Keep a lookout for a post about our trip next week!



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