Dylan Murphy Creations

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that my style has started to shift from mostly crazy prints and colors to relaxed black and white outfits, like solid black and striped dresses and tops, and black or dark wash shorts. I’ve been trying to find some good tee shirts, and I’ve found a few good ones from Kinship Goods and Stay Home Club, but not too much luck anywhere else, aside from basic striped tees.

I came across Dylan Murphy on Instagram, and quickly became pretty enamored with his shirt designs, so we’ve partnered up to get him some of the exposure that he deserves!

I love his edgy designs, and that they range between simplistic and detailed. Most of his shirts are adult unisex (which I love to wear with the sleeves rolled), but he also offers clothing for babies and children! His designs make his cause clear, which he shares on his website: “I believe in the little people, equal rights, caring for the environment, and not bowing down to the man. I am a rebel with a cause.” That’s something I can get behind!

Here’s a few of my favorites!

favoritesfavorites2In Dog We Trust, That’s Not Very Punk Rock of You, Overthinking, Camp Feel Bad

I got in touch with Dylan, who was happy to answer a few questions for my readers!

How did you get into designing shirts/What’s your background like?

I’ll try not to write a novel here haha. I’ll start by going through a brief history of my experience in the arts. After turning 18, I started gaining an interest in photography. Post high school life was very different than my high school life for me. I went through a lot of changes and almost became a completely new person. Now I’m straying from the topic, that’s usual for me though, I can have very extreme ADD and it shows in my work. Anyway, photography was the first art I gained a real passion in. I think my girlfriend, and now wife, played a huge role in my growth as a photographer. Outside of myself, she was my main subject. I went to a community college for the first few years of college trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. During that time I also worked as a designer and photographer for the college. I finally decided to pursue a major in photography, despite knowing it might not lead anywhere, as is the case with most arts. I attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and got my Bachelor of Arts degree in photography. While there, I also worked at the student newspaper designing ads. I’ve always enjoyed doing both photography and design, and there was a time where I combined the two, creating complex montages out of my photographs and creating surreal scenes. Eventually I started creating collages that did not include my own photography. I discovered there was a massive amount of untapped resources in the public domain: old photographs, vintage illustrations, even NASA images are public domain. I went through a lot of part time jobs outside of the arts after college and really just had a rough time. I would still work on my own photography and design/montage projects though. I finally got offered a full time job in St. Louis doing product photography for an e-commerce company. So my fiance (at the time), our dog, and I moved to St. Louis. The pay was good, but eventually I started to feel stagnant and uninspired. Last year during that time I tried to think of new ventures I could pursue. I eventually decided to try making shirts out of some of my montage designs. The first shirt I made available to the public was a surreal vintage space montage that had previously sold fairly well as a print. So I guess that’s finally how I got started. Eventually I tried other ideas besides my montages and began thinking specifically about what I could create with clothing in mind. Some of my co-workers also helped push me into trying new things as well. I lost the full time job as a product photographer in May. It wasn’t a good environment anyway, but I was paid fairly well. Since then I’ve focused a lot more on my own work and trying to make something more out of what started as a side project. I’ve been pushing out more designs and thinking hard about what I can do with this.

What inspires or influences your work?
Everything inspires me. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. It would take forever to name all of the artists and people that have inspired me in my life and in my work. It’s everywhere; all over social media, books, music, movies, television, the outside world, etc. Right now, the biggest thing that influences me are my personal beliefs and my outlook on life. It’s no secret that I can be quite cynical at times and it shows in some of my recent designs. I’m a constant worrier and have battled anxiety and depression for most of my life. Despite some of the “negative” or “dark” ideas, I also believe in good things for sure. I have a few things out already that have a more positive spin or message. I don’t think anything I do is meant to make people feel worse but rather to connect with people that have the same weird off the wall thought processes as me. We’re all human and have flaws and unique perspectives. I have a dark sense of humor as well.
What are your goals for this business? 
Right now my biggest goal is to increase sales. They are still relatively low, and right now this is my main project in life. I would love to be able to make even half of what I made working full time making weird shit for people. It’s definitely hard and the market is saturated, as are most markets. It’s not all about the money though, it’s also a way to connect with people from all over the world. Like all art, this is an outlet and a way to express myself and if people want to express themselves in the same way, then that’s amazing. I’ve had a lot of people say good things about my products and I feel it’s just a matter of getting it in front of more people to truly succeed.
Thanks so much, Dylan! It’s inspiring to see someone’s passions come to life, and gives me some hope for my future as well. Keep it up!

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