A Quick Trip to Nashville, TN

On the weekend of the 9th, my sister, Alex, and I took a quick trip to Nashville! We left at midnight on Saturday, and made it there by about 4AM Central time. We crashed on the floor of our great friend Isabella’s floor, and were awoken a few hours later by these little cuties, and her new corgi puppy. I fell in love with that little guy.

IMG_8202 IMG_8204Soon after, we grabbed some breakfast and headed to the Ink & Iron tattoo convention, because Ellie and I had appointments with Shawn Patton! I got tattooed first, and then milled around for an hour or so while Ellie’s was being done. I grabbed a bunch of stickers, and got to meet a super great artist. If you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, I definitely recommend this guy.

IMG_2466 IMG_2465 IMG_8208


Matching twin tattoos! I got the pit, because I’m one minute older; it counts!

I realized on the way back that I barely took any photos while we were there. I snapped this one of a stick bug on Isabella’s window, and a moving picture of the hilarious and largely politically incorrect Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue, which you can learn more about here, on the side of the highway.IMG_8206IMG_8207

It’s so weird and disproportional that I can’t help but hope the city of Nashville doesn’t put a wall in front of it.  I would recommend you look at the photos in the link I posted so you can see the ridiculousness in detail!

I’d love to go back to Nashville sometime soon, I love it there!


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