Out With the Old

I’ve been a little absent around here recently, and I don’t really have a great excuse for that, other than being busy with work and feeling kind of uninspired. After participating in a street fair this past weekend, I regained my spark, and have decided that it’s time for me to take back my life and channel my seemingly fruitless creative inspiration into this blog and my Etsy shop. I’ve put in too much time and effort for it to be over! I feel like a lot of it has to do with the environment that I’ve been in, and I’ve been doing my best to get it where it needs to be to be a comfortable and inspiring place to be.

Although Alex and I have been living in this apartment for a few months now, there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel like home. It’s been messy and cluttered since we moved in, and I’ve been working lately on improving the general vibe of the place. Little things, like organizing my dresses by color, are definitely helping!IMG_2651I’m also trying to phase out old, worn out furniture with some better, more functional things. No one wants to put up laundry when your dresser drawers usually fall apart! Just look at this affordable beauty!IMG_2657I’ve also realized that we have some furniture pieces that I love, like my vintage bar cart, that just don’t fit or function in this space. I’ve decided to store them for now, and use them when we have a house! It also helps, I’ve found, to swap out smaller items that may not be making your home look its best. I’m swapping my two colorful, thrifted latch hook rugs in my kitchen and bathroom with clean looking monochromatic mates from Target (this one and this one). I think they’ll make my naturally dingy apartment floors look a little cleaner!

Hopefully, soon, I can have some room tours ready, but it still may be quite a ways off. I’ll  share any updates I have along the way!

Happy October!



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