Happy Halloween!

IMG_8404 IMG_8402IMG_8398IMG_8396IMG_8409IMG_8407IMG_8406

Happy Halloween from probably the worst two bandits in the world! These were very thrown together costumes, made from clothes we already owned. What can I say, we’re broke and lazy. Hope everyone’s having a great evening, and make sure to eat a lot of candy!



Out With the Old

I’ve been a little absent around here recently, and I don’t really have a great excuse for that, other than being busy with work and feeling kind of uninspired. After participating in a street fair this past weekend, I regained my spark, and have decided that it’s time for me to take back my life and channel my seemingly fruitless creative inspiration into this blog and my Etsy shop. I’ve put in too much time and effort for it to be over! I feel like a lot of it has to do with the environment that I’ve been in, and I’ve been doing my best to get it where it needs to be to be a comfortable and inspiring place to be.

Although Alex and I have been living in this apartment for a few months now, there’s something about it that just doesn’t feel like home. It’s been messy and cluttered since we moved in, and I’ve been working lately on improving the general vibe of the place. Little things, like organizing my dresses by color, are definitely helping!IMG_2651I’m also trying to phase out old, worn out furniture with some better, more functional things. No one wants to put up laundry when your dresser drawers usually fall apart! Just look at this affordable beauty!IMG_2657I’ve also realized that we have some furniture pieces that I love, like my vintage bar cart, that just don’t fit or function in this space. I’ve decided to store them for now, and use them when we have a house! It also helps, I’ve found, to swap out smaller items that may not be making your home look its best. I’m swapping my two colorful, thrifted latch hook rugs in my kitchen and bathroom with clean looking monochromatic mates from Target (this one and this one). I think they’ll make my naturally dingy apartment floors look a little cleaner!

Hopefully, soon, I can have some room tours ready, but it still may be quite a ways off. I’ll  share any updates I have along the way!

Happy October!


A Quick Trip to Nashville, TN

On the weekend of the 9th, my sister, Alex, and I took a quick trip to Nashville! We left at midnight on Saturday, and made it there by about 4AM Central time. We crashed on the floor of our great friend Isabella’s floor, and were awoken a few hours later by these little cuties, and her new corgi puppy. I fell in love with that little guy.

IMG_8202 IMG_8204Soon after, we grabbed some breakfast and headed to the Ink & Iron tattoo convention, because Ellie and I had appointments with Shawn Patton! I got tattooed first, and then milled around for an hour or so while Ellie’s was being done. I grabbed a bunch of stickers, and got to meet a super great artist. If you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, I definitely recommend this guy.

IMG_2466 IMG_2465 IMG_8208


Matching twin tattoos! I got the pit, because I’m one minute older; it counts!

I realized on the way back that I barely took any photos while we were there. I snapped this one of a stick bug on Isabella’s window, and a moving picture of the hilarious and largely politically incorrect Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue, which you can learn more about here, on the side of the highway.IMG_8206IMG_8207

It’s so weird and disproportional that I can’t help but hope the city of Nashville doesn’t put a wall in front of it.  I would recommend you look at the photos in the link I posted so you can see the ridiculousness in detail!

I’d love to go back to Nashville sometime soon, I love it there!

What I Wore: Rainy Sunday

A few weekends ago, Alex and I took full advantage of the decent (read: not 90+ degrees) weather that Clinton has been having, and decided to check out some places in the neighboring city, Oak Ridge. We initially went out to the Oak Ridge City Center, which is the mall, so that I could do some job hunting. As it turns out, that mall is only two stores, Belk and JCPenney, because the rest of the mall went out of business. That is both hilarious and sad, and, supposedly, there are plans to open it back up later in the year. After that fail we ate at probably the worst Chinese food buffet in existence, and had to go nap off the abuse at home. IMG_2146 IMG_2143 IMG_2140 IMG_2148 IMG_2149 IMG_2139 IMG_2138 diptych

These photos were taken, by a sleepy Alex, across the street from our apartment in downtown Clinton. While I love our apartment itself and some of the cute antique shops, restaurants, and murals in this part of town, I can’t help but ask myself why we moved so far away. It’s about a 40 minute drive to Knoxville, which is where everything is, and there aren’t a lot of job prospects open to me here. Although I have freak-out moments about those things, I’ve decided to keep my head up for now, because I just made my first Etsy sale (!!) and applied to work a neat little cafe around the corner from me, but I’ll be counting down the days to the end of this lease and always dreaming of apartments in Knoxville.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! xo

Edit: A month or so has gone by since I wrote this, hence the untattooed forearm, and I got the job at the cafe! It’s great, and I work with some really cool people.

Fall Wishlist

Can you believe it’s the end of August? With Summer on its way out, I thought it would be appropriate to share some things from my Fall wishlist, and since I’ve been slowly upgrading and decorating, some things that I’d love to have for my apartment!


I’ve recently cleaned out my closet, and now there’s some room for these cute things!

  1. Charter School Cardigan in Sage, via Modcloth. Can I have this in every color?!
  2. Pizza T-shirt, via xenotees on Etsy.
  3. Too Much Fun Dress in Airplanes, via Modcloth. I have this dress in Trees, and it is the most perfectly fitting dress in the world. This Cacti one wouldn’t hurt my feelings either!
  4.  POLKA DOT SHOES via Bucketfeet.
  5. Foxtail and Fern Dress in Black, via Modcloth. Swoon.
  6. Logo Sweatshirt in Black, via Stay Home Club. I’ve loved this sweatshirt for so long, I don’t know why I haven’t broken down and bought it!


You can’t get new clothes without a few accessories and home goods, right?

  1. Cactus What You Preach Mug, via Modcloth. My mug collection needs this.
  2. Forever Stamp Pin, via Adamjk. My pin collection needs this, too!
  3. Frequent Crier Program Patch, via Stay Home Club. I’ve put this in my cart several times, but never get around to pulling the trigger!
  4. Snack Cap Lens Caps, via Photojojo. My camera would be much happier with one of these! Also, I lost my lens cap, so I kind of need it.
  5. Anywhere But Here Pennant, via Explorer’s Press. Basically the best pennant I’ve ever seen.
  6. Cactus Affair Pillow, via Modcloth. Because, duh.
  7. Crescent Moon Floating Ring and Crossover Ring, via Moorea Seal. For days that I don’t have to do tons of dishes at work!

Here’s some other favorites that didn’t make it onto the collages!

f2ce6687fdb0838800e6acf60f08ffb1 This skirt is covered in tiny kitties that look just like my Ringo! (via Modcloth)


Succulent socks! (via Modcloth)

0bae8d3949a2f1975b3aa68cbaac3432 I love all things space related right now. This necklace is perfect! (via Modcloth)il_570xN.516358441_tnvb If I can’t travel, these cute rings will hold my wanderlust over for a while. (via bellehibou on etsy)


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like this keepsake box and this makeup tray go together! I don’t think I can pick a favorite. (via Modcloth)


I have this thing for throw pillows, especially when they’re black and white and have kitties on them. (via Modcloth)

Looker Storage Box

These are the perfect place to store pretty things! They’re also good if you frequently forget what you put in boxes. (via Urban Outfitters)


Man, I just can’t help how much I love planters. The gold looks for perfect with those green plants! These, sadly, are sold out, but this one might even be better. Maybe these could be DIYed with copper pipe? (via Urban Outfitters)


Last, but definitely not least on this lengthy list of wants, is this black cart from Target. This is the thing I’m mostly likely to buy from this list, because I’d love to replace a certain wobbly shelf that I have with this! I also love that basket and shower curtain. Monochromatic heart eyes, you guys.

I feel like I’m completely revamping my life and style right now, and I’m surprisingly okay with that! Anyone else done a major overhaul lately?



Since I’ve pretty much failed at doing Project 365, I figured that every now and then, maybe once or twice a month, I’ll pop in with basically a “what I’ve been up to” post, just to keep you guys updated.IMG_2242

I recently got this super neat chair, which is pretty much the only exception to my “Get this wicker out of my house” rule. It takes attention away from my paint splattered floor, and is kitty approved!IMG_2276I gained a new way to store my pins, thanks to inspiration from Kaylah of The Dainty Squid, and the $1 and $3 section of Target.

This day, I got a call saying that I got a job, and this cactus for 50 cents. A good day in my book.IMG_2471

A mirror selfie to make sure I look decent for my first day of work.IMG_2472

This is definitely one of the more interesting cookie jars that I’ve ever seen. I found it while dusting antiques at work.IMG_2412

I never wear open toed shoes in public, so this is the only way anyone will ever see my cute toenails. IMG_2473

My cats have found a new place to nap. She feels like the queen up here.IMG_2474 Alex and I put the craziest combination of sheets, blankets, and pillow cases on our bed.IMG_2435 I almost never take selfies, but when the mood hits, I stop what I’m doing until I get a good one.IMG_2475 I got two sweet shirts in the mail from Kinship Goods!IMG_2467This past weekend, my sister, Alex, and I took a trip to Nashville for Ink and Iron and we got matching twin tattoos! Thanks to Shawn Patton (from Cleveland, OH) for these beautiful pieces!

I’ve basically just been working and trying to keep up with housework. I’m a little embarrassed to say that we’ve been living in our new apartment for a couple of months, but it’s not where I want it to be. I’m trying to tell myself that it’s okay for it to be unfinished, and that most of the problem is financial restrictions. So, I guess we’ll wait it out and save! I’ve got some goals set for myself, and hopefully I can get those in motion soon!